Difference Between LAW AND JUSTICE

In my view there is a very distinct difference between justice and the law. I believe that they have a few similarities, but diverse parts to play in the legal system. Justice is like the ultimate objective that civilization has been aiming towards since the beginning of societies. The law is the tool we use, and have been using for hundreds of years, as our technique to find justice. Through the evolution of the law, from Hammurabi and the Babylonian law to the present day rule, our grasp on justice has changed. But have we really gotten closer to that final “justice”? Or is it something that will always be just a little bit beyond our reach ? 

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Although there are some extremely obvious differences between law and justice, there are some similarities. They are both part of society, they encourage a certain principles in people and they both are there to bring some balance to a community. The Greek philosopher, Plato, supposed that law must provide inner harmony and justice in the state, and that law and justice could be used as right educators. I think that he cannot have been more right. Justice and law should always be in harmony by each other, they are there to work together towards that balanced society. I believe that this is the main similarity between the two, they are not similar in the sense of being the exact same thing, but they are parallel because they have always existed mutually, and one couldn’t exist without the other.


The primary categories are substantive and procedural rules. 
Substantive law establishes both the rights an individual has in society and also the confines of their conduct. 
Procedural act determines how the substantive laws will be enforced. 
Law can also be distinguished by its public or personal functions:
Public law includes constitutional law that determines how the country is governed and the laws that influence an individual’s relationship with government, including criminal law and the regulations formed by government agencies.
Private law involves the rules that govern our personal, social and business dealings, which are enforced by one person suing another in a private or civil action.


The application of justice must be a fair and simple one. Justice should be used the same way on everyone. However, equality is not always used. Justice must not be based upon a person’s age, sex, race, or family background. Teenagers get pulled over more often, and in turn are hassled more. Men usually receive harsher punishments than women in the court system. In the United States, a mostly white country, minorities such as blacks and Asians receive unjust discrimination.. It’s attractive, however, that these rules bypass celebrities. It seems that if a person has a lot of money and influence, the justice regulations do not apply. 

For instance, the family of Jon Benet Ramsey is very wealthy. From proof drawn from detectives that is published in different newspapers, Jonbenet’s parents murdered her. Years passed, still there are not any original suspects, and her parents have not faced any charges.